Our Small Vacuum Cups are created as part of a vacuum therapy system to aid in breast enhancement by using suction to pull fat towards the breast area, potentially resulting in a fuller appearance. This method is an option for those seeking a non-surgical approach to enhancing breast shape and size.

These cups are suitable for individuals with various body types and are particularly effective for those looking to increase the appearance of their breasts without invasive procedures.

Available in different sizes, from regular for petite figures to larger cups for more comprehensive coverage, these vacuum cups allow for a customized fit and targeted treatment.

Made to be strong and long-lasting, the cups can be used repeatedly as part of the vacuum therapy regimen taught in our Master Body Sculpting class.

Usage Instructions: Choose the correct size for the client’s needs and attach the cup to the vacuum therapy machine. Follow the Master Body Sculpting class’s protocols for suction levels and session length to ensure safety and effectiveness. After the session, detach and clean the cups in accordance with the provided maintenance instructions to ensure they are ready for the next use.