Venus Beauty Bar is an Academy that empowers women by teaching over 10 beauty classes, that empowers you with all the tools and knowledge you need in order to start a new career.

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Hi, I'm Jessica!

I’m a immigrant, I don’t speak perfect English, I don’t come from rich family. I’m not married to a sugar daddy and I did not finish a university.

But I was able to figure out how to start a new career and make $100K-$200K a year in revenue through strategy, passion, practice and discipline !

My passion is to help other women to build the life they want and have the financial freedom they deserve ! I built Venus Beauty Bar & Academy as a house for women to feel safe and supported. I created a successful business in less than 5 years and getting here wasn’t without it’s twists and turns. I know the value of good education and a tribe.

I was in your shoes 6 years ago..scared and with a lot of doubts. But because you’ve chosen this path you must be a lot like me: a little wild, crazy artistic, willing to take risks, full of love and ready to be super successful.

Why not? Because you know it’s in you…The passion, the ambition.

The thing is… the ride to the top can be so much less scary, and not to mention faster, when someone is holding your hand.

You need to have strategy, not just hustle. You need to be nurtured and groomed to become the beauty boss you know you are deep down inside. You need someone who’s been there to teach you how to work smarter and not just harder.

That’s why I’m here, to hold your hand, giving you all my tips, without holding any secret, all the knowledge for you to create your new future.

Jessica Aguilar

Founder & CEO of Venus Beauty


Jessica is the best straight to the point very knowledgeable and willing to help! Answers all questions and gives good feedback!!!!

- Elia Selvin Chavez

The best academy of beauty that you would ever want to attend/ be apart of. Jessica is the instructor along with her assistant, Elizabeth! So much to do and so much to learn from these beauties! Thank you Jessica!

- Gale Evans Jones