This Vest Waist Trainer doesn’t just squeeze your waist; it also compresses your upper body to help reduce back and bra fat along with belly fat. Wearing it regularly during workouts and around the house can shape your waist and possibly take off 1-2 inches, focusing especially on smoothing out the appearance of fatty back rolls and bra fat.

By promoting sweat and heat retention, the Vest Waist Trainer also works to define and contour the body’s natural shape. Whether you’re doing daily chores, taking a walk, or participating in a yoga class, this trainer is versatile enough to be worn across various activities.

Made from high-quality materials, the waist trainer is durable and made to adjust as your silhouette slims. It features three hooks for various levels of tightness, allowing for a customizable and comfortable fit as your body changes.

Usage Instructions: Secure the vest waist trainer around your upper body, fastening the hooks for a snug, yet comfortable fit. Begin with the first set of hooks and progress to the tighter hooks as you potentially slim down. It’s recommended to wear the trainer during physical activities for maximum benefit but is also suitable for all-day wear during regular daily tasks. Ensure to maintain personal hygiene and the durability of the trainer by following care instructions for washing.