• Detox Wrap


    ●  Stimulating: Activates the lymphatic system to remove toxins. ●  Detoxifying: Encourages a deep cleansing sweat to detoxify the body. ●  Soothing: Reduces fluid retention and eases muscle tension.
    Our Detox Wrap encourages sweating and the release of toxins, supporting a lighter, more toned feeling in the body. This wrap is ideal for enhancing sauna sessions or as a complement to our waist trainer for an intensified sweat.

  • LARGE vacuum caps


    ●  Buttocks Enhancement: Designed for improving the shape of the buttocks. ●  Versatile Sizing: Available in various sizes for a tailored fit.
    The Large Vacuum Cups are an accessory for our vacuum therapy machine, included with our Master Body Sculpting class, aimed at enhancing the buttocks' appearance.

  • Leggin Waist Trainer


    ●  Midsection Shaping: Aims to sculpt the waist for an hourglass silhouette. ●  Confidence Boosting: Designed for a flattering fit to enhance self-assurance. ●  Versatile Wear: Suitable for all-day comfort and various occasions. ●  Postpartum Friendly: Offers support for postpartum belly recovery. Our high-waisted tummy control leggings are made from premium-quality materials, intended for all-day wear and crafted to keep you comfortable and confident.

  • Sauna Thermo Wrap


    ●  May enhance heart function. ●  Recovery Aid: Useful for post-workout muscle recovery. ●  Blood Pressure Management: Can assist in lowering blood pressure. ●  Detoxifying: Supports the body’s natural detoxification process. ●  Relaxation Boost: Encourages relaxation and well-being. Our Sauna Thermo Wraps are designed to complement the use of a sauna blanket, enhancing the overall sauna experience.

  • Sauna Waist Shorts


    ●  Focused Reduction: Concentrates on the lower abdomen for waist reduction. ●  Sweat Enhancement: Boosts sweating to shed water weight rapidly. ●  Heat Conservation: Retains body heat to improve workout efficiency. ●  Workout Compatible: Ideal for enhancing exercise results. Our Sauna Waist Shorts are designed for both workout and everyday wear, offering a comfortable fit while targeting the belly area. Created to increase sweating and promote a toned midsection, these shorts can help you achieve a firmer belly.

  • Vacuum Cups SMALL


    ●  Breast Enhancement: Intended for breast area shaping and enhancement. ●  Fat Repositioning: Aims to redistribute bra area fat for fuller-looking breasts. The Small Vacuum Cups are designed for use with our specialized vacuum therapy machine, included in our Master Body Sculpting class, focusing on breast enhancement.

  • $55.00

    ●  Posture Improvement: Offers support to enhance body alignment. ●  Full Coverage: Targets belly, back, and bra area fat for a sleek silhouette. ●  Progressive Slimming: Designed for daily use to aid in overall slimming. The Venus Vest Waist Trainer is crafted with double bands that focus on smoothing out bra and armpit fat while also improving waistline and back posture. It's a complete way to help shape your body into an hourglass figure.

  • Waist Trainer


    ●  Sculpting: Aids in forming an hourglass silhouette with regular use. ●  Supportive: Targets the waist and tummy areas for a firmer midsection. ●  Slimming: Potential to reduce waist size by 1-2 inches with 8-hour daily wear. ●  Posture-Improving: Provides back support to encourage better posture. Our Waist Trainer is designed with triple bands to simultaneously enhance waist shaping and improve back posture. By promoting sweat and aiding in detoxification, especially when paired with our sweat cream, it can contribute to a slimmer midsection during physical activities.

  • XL Vacuum Cups


    ●  Buttocks Enhancement: Tailored for the enhancement of the buttocks area. ●  Plus-Size Design: Specifically designed for plus-size individuals seeking improved buttock shape.
    The XL Vacuum Cups are an extension of our vacuum therapy range, included with our Master Body Sculpting class, and are specially made for plus-size clients wishing to enhance the shape and appearance of their buttocks.