These wraps are specially made to boost the effects of heat therapy as provided by a sauna blanket. By elevating the body’s temperature, they help in burning calories and increasing sweat production, which is a natural method of detoxification.

In the process of warming the body, these wraps contribute to improved cardiovascular functions and aid in muscle recovery after workouts. This gentle elevation in body heat can have a calming effect, potentially aiding in lowering blood pressure and promoting a state of relaxation.

Using Sauna Thermo Wraps post-exercise can be particularly beneficial, as they help in reducing recovery time and prepare the body for a restful sleep, contributing to overall well-being.

When used as part of a regular wellness routine, these wraps can be a simple yet effective tool to enhance the detoxifying and relaxing benefits of sauna sessions.

Usage Instructions: Wrap the Sauna Thermo Wraps around the desired body areas before entering into the sauna blanket. Ensure they are snug but comfortable, allowing for heat to build effectively. After your sauna session, remove the wraps and follow any additional post-workout or relaxation routines to support your recovery and relaxation.