The Sauna Waist Shorts are made to help slim the belly by making you sweat more and keeping in heat. They can help you lose water weight and even reduce your waist size during workouts by raising your body’s core temperature.

These shorts feature a compression design that immediately works to smooth the mid belly area, aiming to aid in calorie burning and body toning. The lightweight, comfortable fabric ensures they can be worn discreetly under clothing during daily activities or at the gym for added workout benefits.

For better results, use these shorts with our sweat cream to sweat more and shape your midsection.With consistent use, the Sauna Waist Shorts could be a valuable addition to a fitness-focused lifestyle.

Usage Instructions: Wear the Sauna Waist Shorts around the midsection during workouts or daily activities for best results. For enhanced performance, apply our sweat cream to the midsection before putting on the shorts. The shorts should fit snugly but not so tight as to be uncomfortable or restrictive. Wash after each use to maintain hygiene and the integrity of the shorts’ materials.