These extra-large cups are part of our non-invasive vacuum therapy system, targeting the buttocks to assist in creating a more defined and shapely appearance. They are the ideal choice for plus-size individuals aiming for buttocks enhancement without resorting to surgical procedures.

The XL Vacuum Cups have been developed to ensure a comfortable and effective fit for larger body types, providing a customized treatment option within our body sculpting services. They are a crucial component for practitioners who wish to cater to a broader clientele, including those who require larger cup sizes.

Created with durability and strength in mind, these cups are capable of handling the increased pressure and volume needed for effective treatment on plus-size clients. The cups come in a range of colors, issued at random to add variety to the professional toolkit.

Usage Instructions: Select the XL Vacuum Cups for clients who need a larger size. Attach them to the vacuum therapy machine, following the specific guidelines outlined in our Master Body Sculpting class for safe and effective use. Monitor the treatment to ensure comfort and effectiveness. After the session, it is important to clean the cups thoroughly, maintaining the high standards of hygiene and care required for such equipment.