The Detox Wrap is designed for everyone who wants to help their body get rid of toxins and ease tense muscles. It promotes sweating, which helps flush out toxins and extra fluids, making you feel lighter and possibly slimmer.

The active stimulation of the lymphatic system helps in clearing out toxins from the body, promoting detoxification and relief from fluid retention. This can result in a feeling of physical lightness and may help in reducing muscle tension and soothing pain.

For those looking to maximize the benefits, we recommend using this black detox wrap during sauna sessions, where the heat can amplify the wrap’s effects, or pairing it with our waist trainer to enhance sweat during physical activity.

Usage Instructions: Wrap around the desired area before commencing a sauna session or physical activity. The wrap should fit snugly but not too tight as to impede circulation. After use, remove the wrap and cleanse the skin to prevent any irritation.