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Meet your Master Trainer - Jessica Aguilar

I’m a immigrant, I don’t speak perfect English, I don’t come from rich family. I’m not married to a sugar daddy and I did not finish a university.

But I was able to figure out how to start a new career and make $100K-$200K a year in revenue through strategy, passion, practice and discipline !

My passion is to help other women to build the life they want and have the financial freedom they deserve !

I built Venus Beauty Bar & Academy as a house for women to feel safe and supported. I created a successful business in less than 5 years and getting here wasn’t without it’s twists and turns. I know the value of good education and a tribe.

Class dates


23th & 24th April


9th & 10th July



There are several different body sculpting treatments, all of which work with the same goal – by breaking down fat cells that are eventually flushed out of the body over the course of a few months. We also teach body enhancement techniques.


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Most frequent questions and answers
First let me ask you some questions.
Are you tired of working every single holiday?
Are you making the minimum wage?
Are you working weekends?
You don’t have time for your family? 
If you need a new start, a new career, financial freedom, this class is for you.
Venus Beauty Bar is an Academy that empowers women by teaching over 10 beauty classes, that empowers you with all the tools and knowledge that you need in order to start a new career. 
We are all about helping others, because you and your family deserve the life you want!
Schedule a free call by signing below, you will need 30 minutes for the call. My team will contact you with more details. Please make sure you schedule a time where you can give us full attention for a better understanding of your needs. In this way we can find the best way to help you. 
If we can help you with our classes next step will be enrolling to Venus Beauty Bar & Academy .
This is not just a class , we become your supplier, mentor, you became part of our community of women in a ongoing process of development that is leading us to success.

It is a very complex industry full of non-surgical procedures, radio frequency, cavitation, vacuum , wood therapy, butt enhacment etc. This treatment is designed to dissolve stubborn fat, to tighten the skin, get rid of cellulite and shape different areas of your body.

Body sculpting is not a weight loss solution, it is best suited to individuals looking to get rid of fat pockets or tighten loose skin.

Body Sculting Certification.
Organic Ice therapy certification.
Wood therapy certification.

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ALL our trainings include hands on training!!

On your second day you will put in practice everything that you have learned on the first day.

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